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Industrial & Commercial

High voltage transformers. Service installations and upgrades. Emergency services. Low voltage wiring. Telecommunications wiring. Alarm Systems...


New construction, new electric service, total house re-wiring. Low Voltage wiring. Telecommunications wiring, Emergency services...

Bucket Truck Service

Penn Jersey Electric is a full service contractor. If your project requires our staff to do any overhead work, we have our own bucket truck readily available to get the job done.

Penn Jersey Electric is the electrical maintenance contractor that services the overhead pole lighting at Nassau Park Boulevard which covers over 500,000 feet of parking lot and the Hamilton Marketplace that has over 1,000,000 feet of parking space.

Our staff is trained in bucket truck safety and procedures for all kinds of overhead jobs. Big and small..

Emergency Services

Includes Power Outages, Service panel problems, electrical wiring problems and much more.

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